The Boat Yard

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    The first problem I had was finding a place to build my boat. I don't have room to build it where I live, so I had to find another location. I met some real nice folks across the street from where I live who had a place I could use to build my boat.  After some major problems with neighbors and the zoning people, I ended up in their back yard where I started the building form and my workshop tent.



    The Building Form


    This is the start of my building form. The white tent in the background is my workshop.





    Here are a couple of more views of my building form. The big tree at the far end of the picture on the right will need some trimming to get the boat out otherwise it's a great location.





    Miter Saw


    These are pictures of my frame table in my workshop. This is a 8' x 16' table to build the frames on.