Boat Yard X




    This is a picture of the first layer of the longitudinal members. I put them on in two layers of 1 x 4's instead of one layer of 2 x 4's. Except for the sheer which is three layers of 1 x 4's. To the right is the second layer of the chine log going on. You can see the notch in the stem and chine to allow for the extra thickness of the first layer of tongue and groove planking.




    The second and third layers of the longitudinal members take a lot of clamps. I kept buying more and still kept running out. It's true when they say you never have enough clamps.





    These are pictures of the breast hooks fit at each longitudinal junction with the stem.

Next I faired the whole framework in preparation for the planking, and started planning my 1 x 4's and cutting the tongue and grooves.