Boat Yard C


    I'm still working on the painting. I have the whole outside pretty well finished except for one more coat on the bridge and salon. I don't know exactly what I'm going to put on the decks yet. I've been looking into a non skid type paint. There are so many different ways to do it and several different materials to use. I don't know enough about it yet so I have to do some more research I think. I've  also looked into an artificial teak deck material, (really pricey!). I'll have to give it some more thought I guess.



    We're making progress with the painting. Here are a few pictures of the progress. I have most of the white done, and we are working on the brown trim now. I only have one more coat of brown to put on the bridge overhang and on the port bulwark cap rail and it will be all done. I have ordered some clear so I can try a topcoat of clear and see if that will even out the white on the topsides. It already has a pretty good shine to it, but there are some light spots that I want to fill in so I hope the clear coat will do that. Otherwise I'm going to have to order some more white and give the bridge and salon bulkhead another coat of white.





Here are a couple different views of the paintjob.







    Here are a couple views of the aft deck. This area is almost finished except for a little touchup once I get the masking tape removed.







  Would you believe we are still painting? Well, we are. I even got my wife Linda into the act doing some detail work on the spindles for me. (Picture to the left) We are getting closer to the end though so hopefully it won't be too much longer and we will have the outside done. I found what seems to be a good Non-Skid paint for the decks called Grizzly Grip. It has a fine texture and can be painted any color you like if you can't find a color you like that is a standard color. I'm going to use a dove gray and  maybe lighten it with an aliphatic polyurethane if it turns out too dark. My clear has come in and I have tried it on my misc. parts and panels and also on the aft bulkhead of the salon and it really puts a great shine on the boat. I think I'm going to have to sand out the rest of the boat again and put a coat of clear on the whole thing.





    I received my Grizzly Grip Non-skid paint and I tried it out on my ladder to the boat deck. Here are a couple of pictures of the ladder with the non-skid applied. It really seems like it is going to be great. It's not too rough like sandpaper but does provide enough texture to prevent slipping. The Dove gray seems to be about right for the right color. As you can see in the picture to the right, the gray is pretty light but still quite a bit darker than the off white the boat is painted with. I have all the forward decks taped and ready for the non-skid.





    Here are a couple pictures of the forward deck area with the Grizzly Grip applied. It's hard to tell, but I think it will look great once I get the tape off.






Here are a couple pictures of the side decks with the non-skid applied.