Boat Yard CI



    Here are a few  pictures of my non-skid decks with the tape removed. It looks a lot better now. I have all the tape removed and I also finished the aft deck as well. (Picture Below)


    Below are a few pictures of the side decks. (Port Side Deck - Picture to the left, Starboard Side Deck - Picture to the right)  The center picture below is of the starboard side forward and shows the step from the raised deck down to the forward deck. I'm working on the window trim now. I need to get one more coat of brown on all the windows and the lower portion of the outside will be complete.



      I have most of my deck fittings installed finally. To the left is a picture of the waste water discharge fittings on the port side. To the right is a picture of the diesel and fresh water fill fittings on the starboard side.






    I've also been working on my fly bridge. To the left is a picture of the forward section of the fly bridge showing the side panel cut and fit on the port side. To the right is a picture of the modifications I made to the helm plump mounting system. I decided to eliminate the need for a universal joint on the steering shaft so I had to modify the dash and the pump mount. Now the shaft from the pump comes straight out from the pump instead of angling upward. I had to raise the pump so I can't use a header tank like I originally intended so I will have to use the upper pump for the header tank. I have to provide access to the top of the pump to fill it with oil. That's what the little square box frame is for in the center of the picture.



        Here are a couple more vies of the framing and paneling of the forward section of the fly bridge. This is the section that is attached to the bridge roof and will come off with it for transport. The aft section will come off separately. It's a little confusing with all the framework but it will all come together once I get all the panels cut and fit. Then you will be able to see what it will look like a bit better. I have most of the framing glued and screwed, but I have to glue and screw the part that I changed and then glue the paneling before I start working on the aft section.