Boat Yard CII



    The forward section of my fly bridge is taking shape. Here are a few pictures of the paneling I have cut and fit so far. I only have one more to cut and fit for the top of the dash and then I will be ready to start gluing it all together.


        I've gone about as far as I can with the forward section of my fly bridge. I have it all glued and screwed up to a point, but now I need to run some air conditioning ducts up there to provide AC to the bridge. Once I get the ducts installed I can finish the fly bridge. I bought some insulated duct material (Picture to the Left) and when I opened the box it sprang out of the box like a jack-in-the-box. I wondered what I had purchased but I guess this is the stuff they use for AC runs. To the right is a picture of some of the metal fittings I need to run the 4" duct through the rafters. I can't cut a 4" hole in a     2 x 6 rafter because it would weaken the rafter too much. So, I am cutting a narrow slot in the rafters and using these fittings to go from the rectangular slot to the 4" round duct material. As you can see, I've had to cut them down because the rafters are on 16" centers and I don't have enough room between the rafters unless I shorten them.


    Here are a coupe more fittings I have had to put together for my AC. To the left is a picture of the "T" fitting I built for where the air comes out of the AC unit. I need it to go in two directions because I'm putting one register in the main bridge, and one in the stateroom/head area below decks. To the right is a fitting I had to build out of wood because I couldn't find one link it or even close, in metal. This is the box that sits behind the vent in the main bridge. This box is mounted in the forward section of the fly bridge.




     To the left is a picture of the register sitting on the box I built. I have to figure out how to insulate the box and then I can install it. The duct that runs from  the AC unit to the box has to go through the deck under the forward section of the fly bridge. Since the forward section of the fly bridge will come off with the top of the bridge when I move the boat, I needed to make a connection that I could remove when it comes time to remove the top of the bridge. To the right is a device I found that allows me to disconnect the duct at the deck. It's a quick disconnect with a bayonet type connection. This AC system has turned out to be a lot of work. I guess it would help if I knew what I was doing! Hopefully I will get it installed pretty soon so I can finish the fly bridge. It's really getting hot up on top of the boat so I need to get it done real soon.



    I've started installing some of my AC ducts. Here are a couple pictures of the duct running up through the fly bridge and into the main bridge. To the left are the adapters going through the rafter and to the right is a picture of the bottom of the quick disconnect fitting.