Boat Yard CIII




    Here are a couple pictures of the adapter and "T" fitting that comes out of the AC unit itself.





  Here are a couple pictures of the actual insulated duct running between the adapter and the quick disconnect in the overhead deck.

    Below are a series of pictures of the reason for all this AC duct work at this time. I needed to get this duct run before I can finish gluing the forward section of the fly bridge. The little box I built is under the insulation and covers the hole in the aft bulkhead of the bridge. You can see the quick disconnect in these pictures so I can disconnect the duct to remove the bridge top.





     Here are a couple pictures of the AC / Heat register in the bridge. To the left is a picture of the hole in the bulkhead and the inside of the box. I painted it black so when the register is open you won't see a white wall behind it. To the right is a view of the register itself mounted in the opening. It sure was a lot of work just to get AC up to the main bridge and I still don't have it all hooked up yet.






   I've been working on my fly bridge, modifying the front panel to box in the AC duct coming up from the salon. Here are a couple pictures of the panel with the enclosure added to it to cover the AC duct. I also had to modify the side panel to go around this box. Everything fits good and I should be ready to start the final gluing pretty soon.

     I've also been working on my sliding doors (Picture Below) for the bridge. I have them both all varnished now and I've installed the glass and some of the hardware in the port door. I have to order another piece of glass for the starboard door and then it will be done as well.


  Fly Bridge     I'm still working on the forward section of my fly bridge. Here are a couple pictures showing where I'm at right now. To the left is a picture of the whole thing showing the forward inside panel and the dash installed. You can also see the supports for the windscreen. To the right is a little closer view of the windscreen supports. I have templates made for each piece of glass that goes in between the supports and into the slot along the bottom edge of each one.




Mooring Bit

Mooring Bit

     I also have my mooring bit on the anchor deck completed except for final painting. I drilled and fit the one inch stainless steel bar in the 4 x 4, and then I had to cut it down just a bit because it was still too high. I have it pretty well shaped and ready for primer. I cut grooves in the stainless steel bar and used epoxy to glue it into the 4 x 4. It's a nice snug fit, and the grooves filled with epoxy will keep it from twisting or sliding in or out.