Boat Yard CV



     I finally got all the outside panels and cap rails on the fly bridge glued. Here are a couple pictures of the fly bridge with the panels and cap rails installed.





    Here are a couple pictures showing the joint where the fly bridge will come apart to be removed when I transport the boat to the water. The aft 3/4 's of the bridge will be removed from this point aft, and the forward 1/4 of the bridge will come off with the main bridge roof.  The picture in the center below left shows where the joint is relative to the forward portion of the fly bridge and the roof of the main bridge. The picture below right shows the aft section of the bridge removed and turned over so I can seal the bottom of the decking.



   While I'm waiting for my paint to come in, I've been working on the headliners and decking for the aft section of the salon deck. I didn't finish this section because I had a lot of wiring to run through this area but that is complete now, so I need to get the aft section finished up. To the left is a picture of the aft deck plates removed exposing the sections that I need to put headliners into. To the right is a picture of all the pieces of headliner that fit into all those openings. Some will be removable so I can access the wiring under them, and some will be installed permanently because there is nothing under the deck there that I might have to access. Those little squares glued to the headliner panels will hold the insulation up so there is an air gap between the insulation and the headliner panel.




    I have finally finished the aft deck of the salon. I got it all glued and screwed down today. Picture to the left. I have also finished installing the LED lights behind the instrument panels in the bridge. As you can see in the picture to the right, the lettering on the panel lights up really nice. It is rather bright though so I may have to install a dimmer so I can dim them for night operations.