Boat Yard CVI



    My Paint finally came in and I have completed the painting of the fly bridge and the roof of the main bridge. Here are a couple of pictures of the fly bridge with the topside paint all done. You can see the roof of the main bridge in the picture to the left and it is done as well. I still have the masking tape on the roof in this picture and it really turned out looking good with the tape off and the brown trim exposed.



   I've also been working on finishing up all the deck fittings. Here are a few pictures of the anchor installation. To the left you can see the anchor as well as the two bow chocks installed at the bow. I still need to finish painting the mooring bit on the anchor deck in this picture. To the right is a little closer view of the anchor installation. Here you can see the bow roller and the anchor lock bracket a little better.






    To the left is a closer view of the anchor lock bracket I made to hold the anchor down to the deck while removing the strain from the winch. To the right is a picture of one of the spring line cleats installed on the side deck.







    Here are a couple of pictures of the finished fly bridge paint. I have all the trim painted now and today I installed the glass for the windshield so now all I have to do yet is wire all the engine instruments and install the gauges. The picture in the center below is from a little farther back and shows part of the aft section of the fly bridge. Once I get this all put back together I will be ready to put the non-skid paint on the boat deck and the top of the boat will be done.



    I've been working hard on the bridge sliding doors and I finally have them all installed and working properly. I hate to think of removing them to move the boat because then I will probably have to re-fit them again. I have also been working on the AC ducts in the salon and I almost have them all installed. The fly bridge is just about done except for installing the vents for the AC and finish wiring the engine instrument panels. The only thing I have left to build up there is the mast which I will not be able to put up because of the limited height of the boat building  but I can get it built and wired for the navigation lights and antennas. All this little stuff really takes a long time but it's coming along pretty well. There just isn't much to take pictures of but I will try to get some new pictures posted real soon.