Boat Yard CVII



    I finally got some pictures of some of the work I've been doing. As you can see in these two pictures, I have my sliding doors installed on the bridge. I had a really good time trying to get them to fit right and still slide easily once I installed the weather stripping. But I finally got it. I hate to think of taking them off to move the boat because then I will have to fit them all over again but that's what I have to do to get the top of the bridge off.





   As I mentioned, I've been working on the AC ducts in the salon. Here are a couple of pictures of what I've been doing. To the left is a picture of the adapters I'm using to run the ducts through the rafters. I'm using four inch air ducts and I didn't have much material left once I cut a four inch hole in the rafter so I decided to us a rectangular hole and transition from a rectangle to the round duct using these register adapters. You can see the opening in the picture to the left and I have just over two inches above and below the opening so the hole doesn't weaken the rafter so much. To the right is a picture of the wall duct I'm making to channel the air down to the register for the forward cabin area. Below is a picture of the box I'm building to channel the air down the bulkhead to the forward cabin register.


                I mentioned that I still had to get the vents installed in the aft section of the fly bridge. Here are a couple of pictures of the vents all installed. To the left is a view of the outside of the aft section and to the right is a view of the inside. There are eight vents all together so the air conditioner should have plenty of ventilation.







    I finally got my fly bridge put back together. Here are a couple of pictures of the bridge all put together. I have completed the wiring for the instruments and other equipment up there. Next comes the non-skid on the deck and on the boat deck.





    I've also been working on my mast. Here are a couple of pictures of the mast. To the left is a view of the mast on the workbench showing the type of construction. It's a box type mast that is six inches x four inches at the base and tappers to four x four at the top. I had to put some backing blocks in several places to bolt on the hardware for the boom and pulleys and guy wires. In the view to the right you can see the backing blocks for these items. This will give me extra material to bolt the hardware to. The view below shows the inside of the mast with a coat of primer on it. I have to seal the inside before I put the last plank on.