Boat Yard CVIII


        Another year has gone buy and still the Molly B isn't finished. I am making some progress however. Here are a couple of pictures of my fly bridge showing some of the wiring I have installed. To the left is a close up of the terminal blocks where the wiring can be disconnected to remove the bridge roof for transport of the boat. To the right is a view from a bit farther back showing the engine control cables running up the the control handles. These will have to be disconnected to remove the bridge roof. I almost have all the wiring done up there now.




     I've also been working on the wiring in the salon. Here are a couple of pictures of the AC outlet wiring in the galley and also my control closet to the right, showing all the wires going up to the fly bridge and the control cables. I have all the DC wiring for the lights in the salon completed as well.






   The picture to the left shows the switch cover plates I'm making to install all the switches in the salon. Since my wall thickness is only 1 - 1/2 inches, I needed to raise the switches just a bit to allow room for the wiring behind them. These little cover plates will give me an extra half inch for wiring behind the switches. To the right is a picture of a couple of my thru hull fittings I have installed. These are thru hulls for the vents for the fresh water tank and the fuel tank. They each have a stainless steel screen in them to keep out any critters.





    I finished up all my switch plate covers finally. To the left is a picture of them all varnished and ready to be installed. To the right is a picture of my threshold which I have all stained, varnished and ready to install.





   In the picture to the right at the top of the page you can see where my instrument panels are installed on the fly bridge. Well, When I mounted my ships wheel, I realized that the instruments would be difficult to see with the wheel in front of them. So, I decided I had better move the instruments from behind the wheel. To the left is a picture of my new instrument panel which will be mounted on top of the dash of the fly bridge. To the right is a picture of the panel with the Plexiglas installed. It still has the plastic protective covering on it so you can't see through it very well. This is one of those minor setbacks you don't anticipate that costs you a lot of extra time. I've spent the past several days building this new panel and fitting it to the dash of the fly bridge.