Boat Yard XI




    Before I can start planking I had to cut the limber holes into the frames along the keel plank. Here are a couple of pictures of the limber holes.






    The planking is going well. These bow planks really have a lot of bend and twist to them. I wouldn't have believed you could bend a 1 x 4 that much without breaking it.








    I've reached the rabbit in the chine with the planking. Until now I have been working from the stern but now I have to start the planks at the bow and drive the planks forward into the rabbit with the tongue and groove engaged.






    She's really starting to look like a boat. Now I'm out of 1 x 4's and I have them on order from Oregon but I'm as far as I can go until they get here. I can do some sanding and the engine layouts while I'm waiting I guess.