Boat Yard CX

    Here are a couple more pictures of the swim platform framing. You can see the notches for the cross pieces in these pictures.







      Here are a couple of pictures of the cross pieces cut and fit. The platform turned out pretty nice. Now all I have to do is tear the whole thing apart again so I can glue and screw it all together and then get it painted and it will be done.






    I finally finished my swim platform. Here are a couple pictures of the completed project. The only thing left to do is put the braces on and it will be done.







    With the swim platform completed I am working on the braces. To the left is a view of one of the braces in the vise where I'm polishing the stainless steel. The angle is really rough and it takes a lot of grinding and sanding to get it to shine. To the right is a view of two braces that are shined and two that aren't done yet. There's quite a difference between the two.



    With the braces all shined up I installed them on the swim platform. To the left you can see the braces on the top of the platform. To the right is a picture of the braces under the platform. I walked around on the platform after bracing it and it was very sturdy.





    I'm working on the ladder down to the swim platform from the aft deck. Here are a couple of pictures of the ladder. It's really just a couple of steps so I don't know if you can really call it a ladder. I have it all painted now and almost ready to be installed.