Boat Yard CXI


        The rub rail is all installed. It took two days to mount this stuff to the boat. It is made of some kind of very hard plastic and while it is flexible it doesn't really want to bend very well. It comes all rolled up in a box so when you try to unroll it you have a bit of a problem. I put some heat on it and that helped get it to lay flat on the boat. A screw every six inches took a lot of screws and a lot of time to install. It turned out nice but what a job!




        I've finished my ladder going down to the swim platform. The picture to the left shows the ladder mounted to the transom and platform. Now that I have everything done on the outside of the boat, I can concentrate on the inside. To the right is a picture of the headliner panels in the salon. I have three of them put up so far. I have to leave the supports under the panel overnight so I can only put up one panel a day. This will take a while but I have plenty to do in between panels.





    All the ceiling panels are finally up and I have all the paneling cut and fit. Here  are a couple of pictures of the paneling. Now I have to take them all back down so I can pre-finish them. I can't spray the varnish on them in the boat so I have to do it on the work bench.





    I've started removing the paneling and putting it on the workbench so I can pre-finish it. The picture to the left shows the bottom portions of the panels stained. To the right is a picture of some panels with the varnish on them and the top portions primed and ready for the final finish.




    To the left is a picture of the starboard side panels installed in the salon. You can also see the grab rail I made and put up on the headliner so you can hang onto something if the boat is rolling. To the right is a picture of some of my trim I have all stained and varnished. There is crown molding, chair rails, and battens that go over the seams of the panels. It's hard to see in this picture but the trim has a rope pattern in them and they really look sharp against the panels.