Boat Yard CXIII


        My cabinets are taking shape slow but sure. To the left is a picture of the counter looking toward the bridge. You can see the cupboard to the left in this picture. This gives me access to the corner of the cabinets even though it is from the other side. It will be a good place to store things we don't use that often. To the right is a view looking aft and shows the opening for the trash compacter in the center of the cabinet. To the right of that will be a set of drawers and to the right of that is the sink area against the outside bulkhead.




        I've made some progress on my galley cabinets but around the first of August I came down with a bad case of pneumonia and landed in the hospital ICU for two weeks. I'm home now trying to recover but I have lost a lot of weight and my strength is gone so it will be awhile before I can get back to work on the Molly B. I keep saying I'm going to finish this boat even if it kills me. I think I better stop saying that, and just keep working. I'm up against a financial shortfall so I have to do the little things that I can afford to do for now. Maybe I'll win the lottery!!!



    I'm back to work finally! I decided to work on my cabinet drawers because I can work on them on the work bench. Here are a couple of pictures of the cabinet with the drawer slides installed. Below is a picture of the water hookups for the washing machine and the electrical box for it and the trash compacter.


    These are a couple views of the drawers for the cabinet. I have them all sealed and varnished. I just have to put the rails back on them and they are ready to install. It sure feels good to be back to work on the Molly B.






    Here are a few pictures of my galley cabinets. I have the bottom cabinets pretty well completed and I have started working on the upper cupboards. I have them pretty well framed in but I have to wait until I can get the micro wave and range hood before I can finish framing because I need to frame around them.




    Here are a couple of pictures of the lower cabinets. I have them all stained and varnished, and ready for the counter tops. The only thing I have left to do with these is make the cabinet doors and they will be done.