Boat Yard CXIV



    My galley cabinets are coming along pretty well. I have the countertop installed and it really looks good so far. All I have left is the upper cabinets to finish and I will be done with the galley except for window trim and crown molding.



    I'm working on the cupboards and I'm building an exhaust duct for the range hood. I needed to get the exhaust to the outside of the boat so I boxed in a duct behind the convection oven compartment and then over the top of the cupboard on the outside bulkhead. To the left is a picture of the opening for the duct in the upper left corner of the picture and to the right you can see the opening on the other side of the partition where it goes over the top of the cupboard and outside. It's hard to see in the picture to the right but if you look closely you can see the opening through the bulkhead on the right side of the picture.


      Here are a couple pictures of the duct going to the outside opening in the bulkhead. There is a cover that goes over this duct to seal it from the cupboard.






    I have the cupboards stained and varnished so I have started working on the raised panel doors. To the left is a picture of all the cupboard door stiles and rails along with the raised panels for each door. To the right is a view of one of the doors assembled with the panel installed. This was really interesting because I've never tried to make raised panel doors before but they really turned out pretty well, for a amateur.





    I have finished my cabinet doors and have them installed. To the left is a picture of the doors on the back side of the cupboards and to the right is a picture of the doors on my pantry. The picture below shows the inside of the cupboards. The opening in the middle is for the convection oven.


      The picture to the left shows the cupboard to the right of the sink. This door is a by fold type door so it folds out of the way to access the cupboard. To the right is a picture of my window trim which I have installed finally. I'm just about done with the galley.