Boat Yard CXV



    I've moved down into the forward cabin to get it finished before I build the last of the cabinets in the salon. To the left is a view of the companion way down into the forward cabin. The partition you see is the outside of my hanging locker. To the right is a view of the storage compartments all framed up and paneled along side the stairs. I guess I will have to make some more cupboard doors for all these storage compartments.







    I'm still working down in the forward cabin area. I will be down there for some time the way things are going. I have completed a few of my cupboards and some of the paneling. To the left is a picture of the aft bulkhead next to the shower. I just finished fitting the engine room door which you can see in this picture. To the right is a picture of my hanging locker which I have completed finally. It's hard to tell what you are looking at in this picture but there are two cupboards above the locker, a shelf midway down and in front of the locker is a bench seat which you can't see in this picture.  I also have the top of the shower paneled and the outside panels installed on the head bulkheads. You can't get far enough away from anything down there to get a good picture of it so it's hard to show what I'm doing down there with pictures.





    I thought I had better get my site updated since it's been awhile. I'm still working down in the forward cabin but I've moved into the head now. I have all the paneling installed in there and I'm about to start on the cabinets. I have to put some shelves in them and then build the cabinet fronts, and then the doors. The paneling has been real fun since there isn't enough room in there to turn around, and there isn't a straight wall in the whole place. These two pictures show some of the paneling I have installed. I can't really get a picture of the whole thing, just looking into the head from the doorway.




    Believe it or not, I'm still working down in the forward cabin area. I've been concentrating on the head and I have all the cabinets pretty well built in there. Now all I have left to do is the painting, and then the cupboard doors to build. I have moved into the stateroom and I'm working on the drawers under the bunks. I need to get them fit and the slides installed before I start working on the "V" berths.  Nothing much to take pictures of but I will put some more pictures up as soon as I get some of the painting done.



    I finished with the primer in the head so I thought I had better get a couple pictures posted. The picture to the left shows the cupboards below the counter top. To the left in this picture there are shelves, and to the right of the sink are a couple drawers.
    The center picture shows the storage compartments above the sink. Now I have to sand the primer, put on the finish coat of paint, and build the cabinet doors. I already have the drawers made, and ready to install as soon as I finish the paint.
    The picture to the right is my convection/microwave oven and the range hood installed. I'm still waiting for the trim kit for the oven and it will be done.



    I finally got my trim kit for my convection/microwave oven. The picture to the left shows the installation. It really finishes off the cabinets and microwave. To the right is a picture of my head and the medicine cabinet installed. I finished the final coat of paint in there so I installed the medicine cabinet and the drawers in there. All I need is the cupboard doors in there and it will be done. Below is a picture of my drawers installed.

    Now I'm going into the hospital again to have my foot operated on to fix my heel that I broke a few years ago so I will be out of service for about three months or so the doctor tells me. I will be back to work on the Molly B just as soon as I can.


    Well, Iím getting nothing done on the Molly B. Iíve been sitting here in my recliner for the past five weeks waiting for this foot to heal. I have another five weeks to go before I can get this cast removed, during which time I have to stay off my foot completely. Once the cast is removed, I hope I will be able to get back to work; Iím going crazy just sitting around, and I really have a lot to do. I'm getting closer to my launch date, and I really need to get this boat in the water before another another Hurricane Charlie comes roaring through here again. We've been real lucky here for the past several years.


    I got my cast off yesterday and that sure feels better, but I still have to stay off my foot for another two or three weeks before I can get back to work. So, I guess I will be sitting around just a bit longer.