Boat Yard CXVI


      Here it is the first of August already and I'm still not back to work. I did get my anchor winch and water heater ordered while I've been laid up so I can install them as soon as I'm able to get back to work.  I still need fifteen cabinet doors for all the compartments in the forward cabin area so I think I might work on those first because I can work on the front workbench to make them and not have to climb around on the boat until my foot gets a little better. I need to get the wiring in for the anchor winch before I can finish the stateroom paneling so I guess that will be the next thing on my list. Then I think I will get the water heater installed and hooked up to my propane tanks. So, that's my plan, now I just have to get started on it.



    Well, it's been a long time but I'm finally back to work - Sort Of! I'm only able to be on my feet for two or three hours at a time, but at least I can start getting something done. As you can see from the pictures left and right, I have been working on the front workbench and making more cabinet doors. I have all the stiles and rails cut out for the last 24 doors. Today I started on the panels. I have mirrors for the panels in the two doors that go in the head so I only have 22 wood panels to make. Then I can start assembling them and then get them stained and varnished.




       I'm back to work again after a trip to Minnesota to visit my family. Mom turned 92 last month so I had to go up north and wish her a happy birthday. I also attended my 50th high school reunion. It was really great to visit with many of my classmates.

       I'm still working on my cabinet doors and I have a couple of them put together and the panels cut and fit for the rest of them. I just need to get the profiles cut on them and I can start assembling them.



More Cabinet Doors

       I'm making some progress with my last bunch of cabinet doors. To the left is a picture of some of them all glued together. I still have 8 or 9 more to assemble but I should be able to get them put together tomorrow. Next I will have to finish sanding them all down again to get them ready for stain. To the right is a view of some of  my doors with the stain applied. Next comes the varnish.








More Cabinet Doors

     Doors, Doors, and more doors! I've finally finished all the sanding, and staining, and I have one coat of varnish on the front side of all my doors. I brushed the first coat on but will spray the last two or three coats. I wanted to work the varnish into the grain with the brush on the first coat but spraying will be a lot quicker for the last coats.






     I'm getting some of my doors installed as you can see from these pictures. To the left is a view of the doors going down into the forward cabin. I still have one more to install there and they will be all done. To the right is a picture of the cabinets opened up so you can see the lights on with the doors open. I've put a little switch behind each door which turns the light off when you close the doors.








     Here are a couple pictures of the doors on my hanging locker. To the left is a view of the doors closed, and to the right is a view of the locker with the doors open. As you can see, there are lights in the locker as well. I have one larger light in the forward part of the locker, and a smaller light in the storage compartments behind the locker. Both lights are activated by the same switch on the door jam.