Boat Yard CXVII


      Here are a couple of different views of the head with all the cabinet doors installed. To the left you can see the cabinet doors below the countertop, and to the right is a little better view of the two mirrored doors above the countertop. The head is just about complete now, all I have left to do in there is install the flooring and the install the head itself. It won't be long before I can move into the stateroom and finish it as well.


     Iíve moved into the stateroom and Iím making some good progress in there. I have removed my port lights and have the hull sealed. Iím waiting until I finish the painting and then I will reinstall them. I just have one little area that needs a third coat to cover that area a little better. I have finished painting all the headliners and I have added six more down lights in the headliner above the bunks for a little extra light in there. I have the main overhead fixture installed already. I also have my paneling fit and varnished around the trunk cabin walls so as soon as the varnish sets up a bit better I can install them. Today I made my template for the plywood that goes over the framework of the bunks. I laid the pattern out on the plywood and it takes up the whole sheet and there isnít much scrap left over. I have also finished installing all the drawer slides for the drawers under the bunks. I have two of the drawer fronts made with six more to go. There just isnít much to take a picture of yet bet as soon as I get things put together I will get some pictures taken.



      I finally got some pictures taken of what I'm doing in the stateroom. To the left is a view of the port side and shows the paneling above the bunk as well as the little down lights in the overhang above the bunk. I also have the plywood top or bottom depending on how you look at it, cut and fit for the bunk. To the right is a view showing the forward hanging locker doors and the forward panel. You can also see the starboard bunk doesn't have the plywood cover cut and fit yet.



    Here are a couple pictures showing the wiring I have installed on the aft bulkhead of the stateroom. It's a little hard to see in these pictures but I have a lot of wires running all over the place in this area. In the picture to the right you can see the heavy wire running down the left side of the bulkhead. This is the wiring for the anchor winch coming from the bridge. The AC wires here cross the DC wires at 90 degrees as you can see in this picture.




      To the left is a picture of the door for my head. I finally got it all put together and installed the other day. On my first attempt at installation, I had the hinges set to far in and the right side of the door wouldn't close against the door stop so I had to move the hinges out about an eighth of an inch and then it went in the way it was supposed to. I only had to sand a little off a couple of spots and the door closed without any interference.  To the right is a picture of some of the panels that go on top of the bunks. These are the forward panels that have the hatches in them for access to the storage compartment below the bunks. 






     I thought I had better update my site. I haven't had much to take pictures of lately so I haven't updated it lately. Here are a couple pictures  of what I'm doing in the stateroom. As you can see, I have the bunk panels installed and the drawers are finally done. I built those drawers several years ago and I have just not gotten them finished and installed. Things take time but that was ridiculous!