Boat Yard CXVIII

     Here are a couple more pictures of the stateroom. To the left is a picture of the starboard side of the bunks. I have the framing all done on this side for the shelf that goes along the edge of the mattress. To the right is a view of the port side. I just have a couple more pieces to cut and fit and this side will be done as well. It's really hard to get a picture in this area because it's impossible to get back far enough to get much in the picture. 




     I've finally finished my shelves for the stateroom. Here are a couple pictures of them on the work bench all varnished and ready to install. You can also see the galley rails in the picture to the left that go along the edge of each of the shelves. In the picture to the right you can see the two panels that go over the two frames forward of the port lights. Hopefully I can get them all installed tomorrow.  






     I've completed the installation of my shelves and paneling in the stateroom. Here are a couple of pictures of the starboard side. I have also completed most of the caulking in the stateroom. I ran out of caulking before I finished, but I only have about a foot or so left to complete.


     I've finally finished my shelves on the sides of the bunks. Here are a couple pictures of the shelf on the port side of the stateroom. As you can see, I have the galley rails installed on the shelf. This completes the stateroom with the exception of the molding that goes on the aft edge of the bunks to hold the matrass in place. I have them cut and fit, and am finishing them on the workbench. I'm going to wait until I get the flooring installed before I install them because I'm using the bunks to cut my floor planks.

     I've started laying the deck planks in the forward cabin area. Here are a couple pictures of what I have completed so far. This is a real challenge since nothing is square or straight down here and everything needs to be trimmed and cut at an angle.