Boat Yard CXIX


     Well, I finally completed the installation of the toilet. It only took me just over three days, but I finally got it installed. There are so many connections to make behind the toilet that it was really hard to get everything connected and still be able to get the toilet pushed up tight against the bulkhead. I had to modify four of the connections because the way they were on the toilet didn't work with the wires and hoses I had to hook up to them. I spent a lot of time running around trying to find the parts I needed to make the modifications. 




Happy New Year to all! 

 Another year has passed and I'm still working on this boat. I am making some good progress and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as I get the aft hatch trimmed out in the forward cabin, I will be done with that part of the project. I have moved back up into the galley and I'm working on installing my water heater right now. I thought it would be harder than the toilet but so far it has been going pretty well. I almost  have it installed except that I still need to build my LP gas system so I can finish hooking up the water heater and cook top.




     Here are a couple pictures of my forward cabin. The picture to the left shows my two hatches all trimmed out and installed.  The picture to the right shows my stateroom with the last of the molding installed around the edge of the bunks. 






     Here are a couple pictures of my water heater installation. This is a little on demand water heater and it just fits under the galley cabinets as you can see in the picture to the left.  The picture to the right gives you a little better idea of where the water heater is installed, just to the right of the sink and just behind the shower. It should provide plenty of hot water to all the taps without having to travel very far and waste water waiting for it to get hot. I have the LP gas line run and hooked up now so all I have left to do is install the exhaust and the installation done.



      Here is a situation that I don't know how to resolve.  About a year ago, I had the counter tops installed in my galley and when the installer cut the hole for the sink, he made it too big as you can see from these two pictures. With the sink centered in the cutout, the picture to the left shows the little hold down bracket at the front of the sink and the picture to the right shows the hold down bracket at the back of the sink. There is no way I can install the sink with these little brackets. They just don't reach to the underside of the counter top in the front or the back.



      Here are a couple more views of the hold down brackets. The one to the left shows the other corner of the back of the large sink and the picture to the right shows the back of the smaller sink where the hold down bracket is several inches from the counter top. I have tried to bend the little brackets so they would reach the counter top but all that did was mess up the threads in the hole that the bolt goes through. I had to re-thread the hole to salvage the bracket. 



      I called the people that made the counter top and installed it, Ruhl Enterprises, 2809 Martin Luther King, Jr. Street North (9thStreet), St Petersburg, FL 33704, (727) 823-0928 and the lady I talked with said that most people don't wait a year to install the sink in the kitchen. I told her I had been working on other rooms and when I got to the galley to install the plumbing and the sink I found that it didn't fit the hole. She said I might have purchased another sink and now that one won't fit. I asked her why I would do that and she said she didn't know but that's what I might have done. So, it looks like I'm left out in the cold as far as they are concerned. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate them. Maybe you could give these people a call and ask them why they won't stand behind their workmanship instead of trying to turn everything around and insinuate that I'm trying to put one over them!




     Here are a couple pictures of how I fixed the oversized hole in  my countertop. I glued a couple of pieces of blocking under the countertop to extend it far enough for the clips to reach them. Now I can secure my sink and finish the installation. Thanks Jerry for the suggestion.