Boat Yard XII



      It's been a long time since I ordered my lumber and it's still not here. So, I decided to make a trip to Bowling Green, KY and pick up my engines. Here they are, two Perkins 4.236 diesels. They don't look like much yet, but once I get them rebuilt and painted up they will look better. The picture to the right is of the first engine all cleaned up and torn down. It's almost ready to go the the machine shop to get the machine work done on it.




      Here are a couple more pictures of the engines. I have them both on stands now and have started working on the second engine. Once I get them both torn down I will take them to the machine shop. I guess building a boat is more involved than just doing the woodwork part. Unless you can put new engines in then you don't have to worry about rebuilding old ones. So far, this has been kind of fun. We'll see when I get ready to put them back together again!




    I just finished tearing the second engine down today.  Sure am piling up a bunch of parts. I have them all tagged so I can keep them straight as to which block they go back onto.  Now all I have to do is clean everything up and they will be ready for the machine shop.

Still no lumber, it should be here any day now I hope!