Boat Yard CXX


      I'm making some good progress in the galley. I have my sink all installed and plumbed as you can see in the picture to the left. I installed a shelf just below the sink drains to increase the storage space under the sink. I have installed the doors in front of the sink as you can see in the picture to the right. I also installed a couple louvered air vents in the panel to the right of the sink for the water heater behind it.





     I have completed the installation of my wash/dryer. When I built the cabinets, I used the dimensions given for the washer and when I installed it I only had about 1/8th of an inch to spare. A pretty tight fit, but it did fit. To the left is a view of the front of the machine, and to the right is a view of the rear of the machine. As you can see in the picture to the right, I had to run all the connections to the washer to the back of the cabinet to allow room for my trash compactor which will be installed in the opening in the picture to the right.





     I finally got the exhaust pipe for my water heater and I'm working on getting it installed. The flexible one I purchased wouldn't fit the thru hull I'm using so I had to have an exhaust pipe bent to fit it. I got the hole drilled for the thru hull and it's all ready to install. You can see the exhaust pipe installed in the picture to the left. While I was waiting for the exhaust pipe I've been working on hooking up my control cables to my engines. I need to get them all hooked up and adjusted for travel before I can install my refrigerator because four of those cables run thru the control closet which is behind the wall along side of the refrigerator. I have finally completed the control cable installation as you can see in the pictures above right and below left. I had to make an adapter plate to mount the throttle cable mount bracket as you can see in the picture above right.

      I had my refrigerator delivered last Tuesday and the two guys that delivered it put it in the boat for me as well. I was really surprised because their office said they would only deliver it to the top of the stairs and wouldn't lift it over the hand rail onto the aft deck. But, when they arrived with it they said no problem, we can put it in there for you, so they did. They also put my trash compactor in the boat for me.









     Today I installed my trash compactor and my refrigerator.  My compactor is shown in the picture to the left. What you see is the inside of the compactor because I have to make a door panel to put on the front of it, and then it will look like the rest of the cabinets. To the right is a picture of my refrigerator installed. I have it anchored down at the top with an L bracket that secures it to the bulkhead. I still need to put a couple blocks in front of the wheels in the front to hold the bottom of it in place.





      I have also completed the installation of my anchor windlass. The picture to the left shows the line locker and the windlass mounted to the deck. To the right is a little closer view of the windlass. I still need to make the last of the electrical connections to the relay on the bridge before I can test it to make sure it works as advertised.