Boat Yard CXXI



      I have finally finished the door for my trash compactor. To the left is a view of the door front, and to the right is a view of the back of the door. The backside has the metal panel that is screwed to the back of the wood panel.  





     I've also been working on the wiring in the pilothouse. In the picture to the left, you can see I had a lot of wiring to do in the overhead console. I had to install my VHF radio, depth sounder display, search light control panel, and all my switches for the windshield wipers, deck lights, and navigation lights, among other things.  As you can see in the picture to the right, I also have my touch screen monitor installed to display my navigation software from my computer.






      I've been working on my windshield washer system for the past few days. To the left is a picture of my holding tank for the washer fluid. To the right is a picture of the valve that I can use to shut off the system so the water won't run back down when I disconnect the hose to remove the top of the bridge for transport of the boat to the water. I have also completed all the plumbing to the washer spray heads on the wiper arms. All I need to do now is fill the holding tank, and check the operation of the whole system.




     I purchased an electric horn for the boat, and when I got it installed it sounded like an old fashion "ooogah" horn without the "ooogah". I decided I didn't really like the sound of that thing so I found an air horn that really sounds great. I'm just waiting for some air hose fittings and I can get it installed.

      I've started working on the last of my cabinets in the salon. I have them pretty well laid out and have the base of the cabinets completed. Today I started working on the stiles of the cabinet face and I'm making some pretty good progress. To the left is a picture looking forward and you can see my navigation desk at the far end of the picture. To the right is a view looking aft toward  the dinette. 





       I've also been working on the bridge trying to get it finished up. I have it almost put back together as you can see in these two pictures. I still have a couple wires to run in my overhead console so as soon as the parts I need come in I can finish that as well.





      My cabinets are coming along pretty well. I have all the framing completed, as well as the plywood tops for the dinette. The picture to the left is looking aft and shows the desk and the dinette seat. The picture to the right is looking forward. I spent today installing some drawer front pieces on the desk and installing some blocks to the underside of the plywood seat to hold the plywood in place on the frame.