Boat Yard CXXII



     My cabinets are coming along. I have them all sanded and stained, ready for the first coat of varnish. I have also been working on my desk top so hopefully it will be ready to install when I get the varnish on. Next I need to start working on the drawers and doors. More doors! I thought I was done with the doors, but I need two more for the entertainment center cupboard. Then I should be done with the doors.






       I'm still working on my cabinets for the salon. Mostly working on the drawers and the desk top. To the left is a picture of my drawers on the front workbench. I have them all built and varnished and today I put the drawer slides on the drawers. To the right is a picture of my cutting board which I have all glued together and ready for oil.  You can also see my drawer fronts and my desk top. I have two coats of varnish on them so far, and I think I will need another coat or two on the desk top and it will be ready to install.




     Here are a couple of closer views of my desk top, to the left and my cutting board to the right. I spent the day today varnishing and doing some wiring in the salon. Won't be long and I can get started on my TV cabinet.






     More Drawers and Doors ! To the left is a picture of what is hopefully the last drawers I have to make. I have them all put together and ready for installation. To the right is a picture of my door frames for my entertainment center. I'm going to put glass in these doors because many remote control devices use infrared to transmit instructions to the periphery device. I'm going to try to etch "Molly B" into the glass just to add a little class to the doors. I've never tried etching glass before so this aught to be fun!




     I've been working on my dinette table for the past few days. Here are a couple pictures showing where I'm at right now. The picture to the left shows the two pedestals that mount to the floor. You can also see the bottom of the table with the two pedestals mounted mounted to it. To the right is a little better view of the bottom of the table. The two long pieces are the part of the pedestal that is removable to allow the table to be lowered and convert the dinette into a bunk.






     Today I finished the table top as you can see in the picture to the left. To the right is a little closer view of the top. You can see my fiddle molding installed and the top all stained. I have a few scratches on the top so I may need to sand it down again and then stain it over again. I'm out of varnish to finish the table so I might as well do a little more work on it while I'm waiting for my varnish.