Boat Yard CXXIII


       I finally finished installing my compressor and air horns. I had quite a time with them due to some air leaks that I had to fix. To the left is a picture of my compressor and air tank which I mounted under the bridge cabinets. To the right is a picture of my horns which are mounted on the roof of the bridge. There are actually three horns in the assembly although in this view it looks like only two horns. They really make a racket when you hit the horn button at 139 decibels. You should be able to hear them for a couple miles at least.





     I'm on the mend from surgery again, last Friday, but I'm back to work at least a few hours a day. I just about have my handrail to the bridge all put together. To the left is a view of the railing from the galley. It appears in this picture that the spindles are slightly slanted but they are all actually plumb so I don't know why they appear this way; maybe it's the camera angle. To the right is a view looking at the access panel to the compartment below the stairs where the wiring runs down into the engine room. This panel needs to be removable to allow access to this compartment so I have notched the panel for each of the spindles so the panel can still be removable. 






      I'm making some pretty good progress with the so called "Last of my Cabinets". As you can see in these two pictures I have them almost all put together. Everything is varnished and all the drawers and doors are completed.  I have even competed my dinette and the dinette table. About all I have left is the Galley Rail on top of the entertainment center, and installation of the doors.






      Here are a couple closer views of my dinette table to the left, and my desk to the right. As you can see, I got a real nice shine on the tops of both of these, even though they are a bit dusty in these pictures. I don't have the pedestals under the dinette table screwed down yet because I'm going to put the flooring down before I secure the pedestals. That way I don't have to try to fit the flooring around them. To the right is a closer view of my desk.






     Today I worked on my cupboard doors for the entertainment center. Here are a couple pictures of the doors installed. To the left is a view showing the cabinet from a distance, and to the right is a little closer view showing my glass etching a little better. I etched the glass and then used a white paint stick to bring out the lettering a little better on the dark gray glass. I think it turned out pretty nice.




     I also finished installing my stair treads and railing going up into the bridge today. As you can see I have added a post at the bottom of the railing to provide additional lateral support for the spindles. These little spindles just aren't heavy enough and they bend when you push against them from the side. The post makes them rigid and the railing is nice a sturdy side to side.