Boat Yard CXXV



     I have the flooring installed in the salon. Here are a couple pictures showing the flooring in the galley, and also near the dinette area. It's really hard to believe how well this flooring matches the cabinets but it really does. An unexpected fringe benefit I guess. All I have left do do with the floor is finish installing the quarter round molding around the edges of the floor. Once I get that done, I will clean all the floors and put a coat of sealer on them. That helps keep them clean and prevents scratching of the floor when you walk on it.






     I have also completed the installation of my TV cabinet. In the picture to the left you can see the cabinet installed and closed. To the right, you can see the cabinet in the open position for viewing. I haven't installed the TV yet because we are using it at home and I won't install it until we are ready for the launch.





     Well, I'm down in the bilges working in the engine room. Not fun, I wish I had made the engine room a bit bigger so I could get around down there. I have been cleaning the engines and bilges and I have my emergency bilge pump system installed, one on each engine. To the left is a picture of the set-up on the port engine. As you can see, the seacock is in the lower left corner of the picture. I have installed a 4-way so I could put a fresh water hose on the valve on top to run the engine on the hardstand, and the lower valve is connected to a hose that runs to the lowest part of the bilge where I can pump bilge water by closing the seacock and opening the valve to the suction hose and then the engine driven raw water pump will pump the bilge water overboard via the exhaust hose. Just in case my regular bilge pumps can't handle the inflow of water. To the right is a view of the set-up on the starboard engine. It is basically the same except that the suction hose for the bilge is facing forward instead of to amidships as it is on the port set-up, this is due to the difference in the height of the engine stringers from inboard to outboard. The starboard side had the set-up alongside of the inboard stringer which is much taller than the outboard one on the port engine set-up. 




      I spent most of today making a fairing block for my depth sounder transducer. To the left is a picture of the block I started out with. The location I chose for the transducer had a 10 degree rise outboard, and a 2 degree rise aft. So, I had to make a fairing block to hold the face of the transducer parallel to the surface of the water, and also reduce the amount of turbulence the transducer would cause when the water is flowing over it. To the right is a picture of the finished fairing block with the transducer inserted. Now I have to get it installed.





     I got my fairing block installed today, and the 10 & 2 degree angles worked out just right. The face of the transducer is parallel with the world. It's a little hard to see in these pictures because the block is the same color as the bottom of the hull.