Boat Yard CXXVI



      I've been working on my hanger brackets for the engine exhaust hoses. To the left is the last three hangers I have left to install. I just got them painted today so I should be able to install them tomorrow.  The picture to the right shows one of the brackets on the port engine hose. I still have two more brackets to install on this side. 




     The picture to the left shows two of the three brackets installed for  the starboard engine exhaust hose, just one more bracket to install on this side. The picture to the right shows my little raw water pump for the generator exhaust. This will cool the exhaust in the wet elbow before it is sent out the exhaust hose. I have completed the installation of the water pump for the generator exhaust. I wired the pump directly into the 110 VAC outlets on the generator so as soon as the generator starts and reaches the proper rpm, the pump will start pumping water to the wet elbow.




          To the left is a picture of what I call my wet elbow. Iíve been waiting for this thing for the past year and a half. Getting it fabricated has been a real challenge. The welding shop that has been working on it has had their fair share of problems with this thing. When they first made the thing, it would leak water between the upper compartment and the lower compartment. As you can see in the picture to the left, the water goes into the upper compartment via the bung on top of the elbow, and the exhaust comes into the lower compartment from the generator. In the picture to the right, you can see the baffle between the two compartments. The exhaust hits the baffle from below and the water hits it from above thus cooling the exhaust and then both are discharged out the exhaust hose through the transom. If water leaks into the lower compartment, it will run into the muffler of the generator and possibly into the engine itself. So, they tried to fix the leak for months and just couldnít get it to stop leaking. I finally asked them if they could cut the top of the thing off, and I would take it to my shop and sweat some brass into the cracks in the welds or pinholes or whatever was causing the leak. They did this for me, and I took it home and brazed all the welds inside the box around the baffle. I checked it for leaks, and there were none. I had it fixed! I took it back to the welding shop and asked them to weld the top back on and they did. The only problem was that they couldnít get the top compartment to stop leaking. Every time they welded it, it would develop more cracks and continue to leak. So, I brought it home again and I have ground down all the welds on the outside of the box and it is now ready to be brazed and hopefully sealed to stop the leaks. You can actually see several cracks in the stainless steel where they have welded it so I hope I will be able to fill them like I did with the welds on the inside of the box around the baffle.


I've spent most of the morning today working on my wet elbow. To the left is a picture of it with the brass put on it to fill all the cracks and pinholes. It really looks bad, but It Doesn't Leak!! I sanded it all down once it cooled down and it does look a little better but still pretty rough. Aside from the way it looks, it should work as advertised and that's what's important. I cut some slits in the small pipe so I cold clamp it onto the generator exhaust pipe with a muffler clamp. I have my exhaust hose cut to length and I should be able to get it at least partially installed tomorrow. It's tomorrow, and I have finished the installation of my wet elbow as you can see in the picture to the right. I still have to cut the hole in the transom and install the flapper and then I can hook up the other end of the exhaust hose.


To the left is a picture of my two exhaust hoses along the port side of the boat where they pass through the aft bulkhead and into the steering locker. To the right is another view of them where they attach to the flappers at the transom. You can see the support bracket for the hoses in the picture to the right. This keeps the hoses oriented downward toward the transom. As you can see, I also secured the hoses with some wire ties to keep them on the support bracket and properly oriented.

 I also have the starboard exhaust hose installed. The picture to the left shows the hose where it passes through the aft bulkhead. You can see a paint can and some other material under the hose to hold it up. I stuck this under the hose so I could get a measurement for the support bracket I need at this point. I will also need a bracket a little farther aft to pull the hose down just a bit to keep it sloped toward the transom. It won't be too much longer and I will be done with these exhaust hoses.