As I mentioned on the previous page, I have run into a problem with the wiring of my automatic engine shutdown system. The problem is that I received a 3 circuit control box/circuit board, picture to the left, when I actually needed a 4 circuit box, which they don't make. They only make a  3, 5, or 8 circuit box. The ability to wire the generator and the engine room blowers to the same terminals on the board does not exist. The people I purchased the board from called the manufacturer and inquired as to which board I needed for the equipment I had to shut down, and they said the 3 circuit board would do it, so that's what I purchased. I couldn't figure out how to connect the generator and the engine room blowers to the board so I called the manufacturer and asked them and they said I couldn't do it. Even though there is a label on the board for the generator and the engine room blowers it is an either or and not an and type attachment. They said I needed to upgrade to the 5 circuit control box/circuit board in order to be able to wire both systems to the shutdown system. I called the people I bought the system from and informed them of what the manufacturer told me and they in turn called the manufacturer and reminded them that they had recommended the 3 circuit control box for me so they said they would upgrade the board for me. I have returned the old board and they are sending me a new 5 circuit board. I'm sure glade they have agreed to upgrade my system for me or I would be stuck with another $350.00 bill. That's really great customer service, something you just don't see these days. So, now I'm waiting for the new board to come in so I can finish that installation.



      My new circuit board/control box for my engine shutdown system has arrived and I spent today wiring it. Here are a couple pictures of the new board. This one is a bit more complicated than the three circuit board but I can hook up my generator to this one. I have it all wired except for the generator. I need to find the hot lead out of the generator ignition switch to hook it up and then I will be done.





      I picked up my cushions from the upholstery shop yesterday, and I got the dinette cushions installed this afternoon. Here are a couple pictures of them. They really turned out nice. They fit very well especially since the seat isn't straight because of the taper of the hull. I made my patterns to reflect this and the upholstery shop got the taper on the right end of the cushion and they all fit great.





     I finished my mounting bracket for my anchor light yesterday so I got a couple pictures of it today. To the left is a picture showing the underside of the light. I could have screwed the light directly onto the top of the mast, but then I would have had to punch out a blank in the side of the light for the wiring and, there is only a very small amount of clearance under the light for ventilation so if I would screw it down onto the mast, I would probably have closed that ventilation off. With the mount, I can use the existing wiring access and not worry about the ventilation problem. To the right is a view of the light as it will mount on the mast. 



     I got the mast boom swivel back from the welding shop today. It's my own design and I was really wondering if it was going to work. It works good except that when the boom is raised all the way up it locks in position and you have to lift up on the boom to get it to come back down again. I have a fix for that problem, and then it should work as advertised. The picture to the left shows the boom swung to port, and to the right is a picture of the boom all the way up in the raised position.





     I got my Hinged Mast Step back from the welding shop and I have spent about three hours getting it polished. To the left is a picture of the step in the closed position, this is the position it is in when the mast is in the up position. The bolt you see in the top portion of the picture is a locking bolt that goes through the mast and locks the mast in the up position along with the forestays. The picture to the right shows the position of the mast step when the mast is in the lowered position. The inner box is secured to the bottom of the mast, while the two outside angles are secured to the deck.