Boat Yard XIII


        I've gotten a lot done on the engines. I've got most of the parts cleaned up and painted. I ran out of bench space, so I had to start hanging parts on the walls. The picture to the right is of the oil pans, one is quite a bit larger than the other. I have to replace one or the other so they are both the same to eliminate any problems mounting the engines. The guy I bought the engines from says he will exchange one of them for me so they are both the same. I also need a new cam for one and a Balancer unit for one, all of which he will provide. Now they are ready to go to the machine shop. Won't be long now before I have two brand new Perkins 4.236 engines ready for the Molly B. Still no lumber!



        Here is the latest development in the engine department. I've taken the engines to the machine shop and have started tearing down the balancer units. I'm going to rebuild them and put a new oil pump in each one as well. Now I just have to wait for the engines to come back from the machine shop and I can start putting them back together. I got all the parts I needed, the other balancer unit, the new cam, and the new oil pan so now I can set both engines up exactly the same. Still no lumber! Boy, you really have to order in advance when you are dealing with people on the other side of the country I guess. I'm really ready to get back to the boat building part of this project. Hopefully it won't be long now.



    Well, believe it or not my lumber finally arrived yesterday. The only problem is that it was the wrong stuff! They sent finished 1 x 4's which are really 1/2 x 3 1/2 which won't match up with the full dimension lumber I have planked half the hull with already. So, I had to tell them to take it back. Now I have to order it all over again. I wonder how long this order will take. The last order, The Wrong One, took a total of 4 months and 18 days to arrive. No wonder it takes years to build a boat!! This is beyond ridiculous.


    I have checked all over the place to see if I could get some full dimension lumber for my planking and I have come up with nothing. So, I have the 2 x 6's and I decided I would have them re-sawn into 1 x 6's and then rip them down to 1 x 3's to finish the planking. I can get more 2 x 6's from World Panel Products here in Florida so I think this is the only way I'm ever going to get this hull planked. I found a guy here locally that has a small band saw mill that can saw my planks for me so I should be planking any day now.


    Here we go again, another plank on the boat. I got two of the 3 inch planks on the starboard side and one on the port side. I only need another two or three planks on each side and I will be out of the rabbit. Once I clear the reverse curve of the bow I will use the full 1 x 6 inch planks. That should go a lot faster then.