Boat Yard CXXX


      I've also started working on the shelving in the steering locker. I want to put some shelves in there so I will have someplace to store some spare parts and tools. Here are a couple pictures of the first shelf laid out on the workbench. As you can see in the picture to the left I had to put a notch in it so it would clear my rudder angle indicator sender. Made for a lot of extra work but I finally got it all cut out. I'm putting a 1x4 around the shelf so nothing will slide off in rough weather.     




     I've finally completed the shelving in the steering locker. It's complete at least to the extent that I have all my shelves built and installed. I still need to support them with some bracing and then I will remove them for paint, and to make it easier to paint the steering locker. To the left is a view looking down into the steering locker through the hatch. You can see the two shelves on the forward bulkhead on the port side of the boat. These shelves are only 8 inches wide to avoid interfering with getting in and out of the locker. To the right is another view of the same shelves.





     To the left is another view of the port bulkhead shelves showing the top shelf a little better. As you can see, I have put 45's an all the corners to eliminate any sharp corners. To the right is a view of the port side shelf where it meets the transom shelf. This transom shelf is around 9 feet long as it extends the full width of the transom. This one will need some bracing for sure.





     To the left is a view of the starboard end of the transom shelf. To the right is a view of the bulkhead shelves on the port side. These shelves take up a lot of very valuable space, but they also maximize the storage capacity of the steering locker. Once I get the bracing installed, I will remove the shelves to the workbench for paint. Removing them will also make it a lot easier to finish and paint the steering locker.






     I have all my shelves removed from the steering locker and set up on the workbench. I put the primer on them and they are ready for the polyurethane. There are quite a few pieces to these shelves and I have them all labeled so I hope I can get them reinstalled in the right place. They will only fit in one place, but the labels will allow me to install the proper shelf in the steering locker without having to fit them in position by trial and error. That should save some time at least.