Boat Yard CXXXII



     I finally have something to take a picture of. I have been working on my winch mount as I mentioned on the previous page. Here are a couple pictures of my progress to date. To the left is a picture of the bottom frame partially assembled. To the right is a close up view of the threaded hole in the left side vertical member that I will use to attach the mount to the mounting brackets which will be secured to the deck.



     I'm making some pretty good progress on my winch mount. Here are a couple pictures of where I'm at right now. I have the bottom frame all welded into the vertical pieces. You can see the winch mount plate and fair leads that bolt to the winch and is in turn bolted to the mount I'm making. I ran out of oxygen this afternoon so I had to quit and go get another bottle. Hopefully I can get it finished up tomorrow.  


       I hope everyone had a very happy holiday, and yes I'm still working on the Molly B even though it's been awhile since I have posted anything on my site. My winch mount is coming along very well and I have it completed now. All I need to do now is try to get it up onto the boat deck so I can mount it. This thing weighs close to 100 pounds with the stainless steel frame and the two winches mounted in there. These two pictures show the winches mounted and the one to the right shows about where it will mount relative to the mast.



      Here are a couple pictures of the finished product. To the left is a view of the front of the mount with the box I put around it to keep the winches out of the weather. To the right is a view with the front panel installed and shows where the two cables come out through the front panel. You can see a large handle on the top of the box in the picture to the right. I hope that will facilitate getting it up onto the top of the boat.




     Happy New Year everyone!! Another year has passed and still the Molly B is under construction. I am getting close to the launch now, and it shouldn't be too much longer. My oldest son came down from Orlando the other day and helped me get my mast and winches up on the top deck. Here are a couple pictures of them. To the left is a view of the mast and winches with the back part of the fly bridge on its side so I could do the wiring easier. To the right is a view of the mast with the bridge upright.



     Here are a couple views of some of the wiring. To the left is a view of the wiring attached to the underside of the aft portion of the bridge. This wiring will remain with that portion of the bridge when it is removed for transporting the boat to the water. To the right is a view of some of the wiring under the bridge dash. Some of this wiring will remain with the bridge when it is removed, and some will remain with the boat. It just depends how they are routed up to the fly bridge from below or from the main bridge. It's a little confusing, but I have them separated and labeled so I know which ones are which.