Iíve finished the wiring on the fly bridge and have it all pretty well put back together. I have ordered my AIS system for which I will need to install another antenna on the mast. Just one more coax cable I need to run to the black box and then a USB cable from there to the computer, so I will probably need to open the fly bridge again to get that done. I have also received the two seats for the fly bridge and I will need to get them installed. Then I need to finish the glove box door and I will finally be done with the fly bridge.

          In the meantime, I have been working on building the valances for the windows in the salon. I have them all built, and now Linda will attempt to cover them with upholstery material. Then we need to decide whether to put curtains or blinds or both on the windows.

          I have also been checking my fuel systems in the engine room. I had a couple leaks that I have fixed and I have one that is just seeping a little but to fix it, I need to transfer the fuel out of the port main tank and into the day tank. I attempted to do so with my fuel transfer pump and the pump didnít seem to be able to pick up the fuel from the tank. While trying to get it to pump out the tank, it ceased up and stopped working altogether. I guess I will have to pull that pump out and see whatís wrong with it. I hope I wonít have to replace it like I did the water pump. I can use my fuel polishing pump to transfer the fuel so I will still be able to work on the leaks while I try to fix the transfer pump.


    I guess I had better get this website up to date. As I mentioned above, I have  been working on the valances for the windows in the salon. Here are a couple pictures of the valances. To the left is a view of them sitting on the bench, all ready for upholstery. To the right is a view of the trim piece that will go on each valance over the fabric covering. There will be a rope attached to these trim pieces to make them stand out from the fabric covering. 

     I found out what was wrong with my fuel transfer pump once I got it torn out and on the work bench. I checked the pump end and it was fine, and then I noticed a little sticker on the opposite end of the motor that said "Fuse Inside". What a dumb place to put a fuse. I removed the end cap from the motor and sure enough, the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and the pump ran fine. I rewired the fuse to put it outside the motor end cap and installed the pump. I checked the operation and it pumped fuel from the port tank to the starboard tank and back to the port tank again. I then pumped the fuel from the port tank into the day tank and everything worked great.


         It's been few weeks of nothing but setbacks!

       I finally found some ISO 10 hydraulic oil for my steering system after about two weeks of searching, so I decided to fill and bleed that so my rudders would be working. I bought two gallons of oil and used all that the first attempt and I still needed more to fill the upper helm pump so I ordered another two gallons. I got the third gallon poured into the pump and I still couldn't keep the pump full so I decided there must be a leak somewhere. I went down into the raised pilot house and there was at least a gallon of oil all over the aft bulkhead the seat, and the two compartments below the seat. What a mess! I checked the only connection in the pipe running from the upper helm pump to the lower helm pump and it was a little wet, but didn't seem to be leaking badly enough to generate a spill of this magnitude. The only other possibility was that there must be a hole or crack in the pipe itself which was inside the bridge roof. I tour the aft headliner down and found a screw that had been screwed right through the top of the pipe and out the bottom. That was my leak and I had to cut out the pipe with the hole and patch in a new section of pipe to fix the leak. I got it fixed and the bridge all put back together finally and my rudders are working great now.

     I had my rudder angle indicator sender all hooked up and working but I realized that the gage was reading 180 degrees out. I tried everything to get it to read correctly and the only fix was to actually turn the sender around 180 degrees and then it worked correctly. The only problem then was the fact that the linkage connecting the sender to the tie bar, didn't work right as it would go fast in one direction and slowly in the other direction, so the geometry was off. I had to make a new linkage to make it work right. I finally got that fixed today.

     Since I had fuel in the boat and I finished checking the fuel systems and pumps, I decided to hook up a water hose to the engines and run them to check everything out. I hooked up the hose to the port engine and the fitting on the raw water pump just sprayed water everywhere. So I decided to check the starboard engine and it seemed to be fine so I went up to the bridge the try to start the starboard engine and the battery was dead so I had to put the charger on it. In the meantime I decided to remove the raw water pump from the port engine and see if I could fix the leak. When I got the pump off I noticed some small pieces of black rubber in the fittings. I opened the pump cover plate and the impeller was totally deteriorated. Since the port pump impeller was shot, I thought I had better check the starboard pump and it was bad as well. I got new impellors and installed them but then I couldn't find the right gasket for the pumps. My local Perkins dealer found them for me in Jacksonville and now I have them ready to install except that I can't find a hose barb with a straight thread to fix the leaking problem. I'm still looking for that.


     I've been working on my handrails around the boat deck. Here are a couple pictures of where I'm at right now. I ran out of stainless steel tubing so this is as far as I have gotten so far. I have the remainder of the tubing ordered and I will be able to finish it up when it gets here.

     I finally got my raw water pumps all put back together and installed on  the engines. I hooked up the water hose to the starboard engine and hit the starter. It started right up and ran great. Then I tried the port engine, and it wouldn't even click the starter when I hit the start switch. I pulled the instrument panel out and found a wire was disconnected from the start switch. I connected it back up and I hit the starter. The engine turned over but wouldn't start. I went down to the engine room and found a wire had come off the injector pump solenoid so I hooked that back up and it started and ran great. It ran for about ten minutes and died. Then I couldn't get it started again. It acted like it ran out of fuel. I started checking everything and the solenoid clicked when you turned it on so I think that is ok. I have been checking the fuel lines from the lift pump up to the fuel filter and the fuel is getting to the filter. Next I have to check the lines going from the filter to the injector pump to see if something is clogged up there. I sure hope I can figure out what the problem is.