Boat Yard CXXXIV


I have been working on the port engine for some time trying to figure out why it isn't getting any fuel. I was sure it was the lift pump and I was about to change it out and install my spare when I decided to take the fuel solenoid off the starboard engine and install it on the port engine just to make sure that wasn't the problem. I didn't think it was, because as I mentioned, I could hear it click when switched on so I was sure it was working properly. Once I had the solenoid installed on the port engine, I cranked the engine and with a little coaxing, it started and ran great. I guess I finally found the problem. I ordered two new solenoid valves so I would have a spare.

Just a few days ago a friend brought his son over to see the boat and he is a diesel mechanic so I asked him where he was a few days ago. I explained all the problems I had getting the engines to run and he asked if I could start them so he could hear them run. I got a "Y" valve and another hose so I could hook the water to both engines and run both of them at the same time. I started them up and they really ran great. He said they sounded good. He went down and adjusted the idols to synchronize the engines and then did the same for high rpm which turned out to be almost right on the money.

     I have finally completed the valances and blinds in the salon. To the left is a view looking forward along the starboard side and to the right a view looking aft on the starboard side. This was another one of those two day jobs that took over a week, but I finally got it finished.

     Here are a couple views of the windows along the port side. To the left is a view of the window in the galley and to the right is a view of the windows on the port quarter.




      I've been working on the ladder handrails and railings for the ladders going up to the boat deck. I have the aft railing done, and now I'm working on the forward ladder. Here are a couple pictures of the forward ladder and railing. To the left is a view from the aft end of the ladder and to the right is another view from the side which shows the railing a little bit better. It's all finished now and ready for paint and installation.





       I have finished my railings and handrails for the two ladders going up to the boat deck today. Here are a couple pictures of them. To the left is a view of the forward ladder alongside the bridge. To the right is a view of the ladder on the aft deck. It's a little hard to see, but I needed a railing to close in the opening in the deck for the ladder, and a railing for the ladder. 




      Well, now I really have a deadline. I have made arrangements to have the boat moved over to the east coast on the 1st of June. I had a hard time finding a transport company that would move the boat because they said their insurance wouldn't cover them moving a wooden boat. I really don't know why, but that was the most common excuse I came across. One company said they wouldn't pick up a boat in a residential area and some just said they couldn't move a trawler because they are too high. Anyway, I did finally find a company that is going to move it for me and a crane company that will lift the boat and load it on the low-boy trailer. The boat yard I'm taking it to has a travel lift that I can use on the other end to unload the boat with and a small crane I can use to put the top of the bridge and fly bridge back on with. Then all I have to do is hook everything back up again, wiring, hydraulics, and control cables. That should take just a few days and while I'm doing that, the yard is going to put the bottom paint on for me. Then we should be ready to launch her. Hopefully around the end of the first week of June. I'm going to launch at the Cracker Boy Boat Works in Ft. Pierce, FL. That will be a great day after a little over 11 years of work building the Molly B.