Boat Yard CXXXV


     The days are going by too fast and I have too much to do but I think we should be ready for the move whenever it happens. Right now I only have an estimate of when they will pick up the boat and that is either the last week of May, or the first week of June. I'm supposed to get a narrower window in a week or two but for now I have to try to be ready by the last week of May. That only leaves me about five weeks to get everything done including tearing down the building.

       I have spent the last week or so sorting through all my tools and deciding which ones I will take with me on the boat and which ones I am going to try to sell. I hope to have a garage sale around the end of April to get rid of everything I can't take along. I have most of my big tools already sold so it's only the small power tools that I need to get rid of along with my table saw and compressor which are the only big tools I have left to sell. 




     I finally got my transom lettering done today. I think it turned out pretty nice even though it isn't exactly what I ordered.







     Day one of the building tear-down. It looks like a bad storm blew through and ripped all the vinyl off the building but actually that is what we got done yesterday. Most of the vinyl is off, with just a little left on the roof. We should be able to finish that up tonight and then start on the rafters. 




     The day two picture to the left shows the back half of the roof vinyl removed. This is about all I got done today because I got rained out. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I only have a little plastic on the front part of the building left to remove before I can start on the rafters.





     Day three started out good with nice weather although with the temp. in the 90's it was a little on the warm side. I finished removing the rest of the plastic from the roof and my helper came and we got a few rafters removed before it started to rain again. To the left is a picture of my neighbor Norm pulling the end rafter off the building. It got stuck so we'll wait until we drop the end wall. To the right is a picture of my helper John and I removing one of the rafters.




     Day four turned out to be a lot better than the previous two days. The weather cooperated today, No Rain. These two pictures show the last of the rafters coming down.





     Once all the rafters are down, the walls are next. We pulled the north wall down and the west wall started to lean in towards the boat so we had to pull it down before we finished pulling the north wall down. To the left is a picture of the front wall being pulled down. To the right is a picture of the two walls almost all the way down. 




     Here are a couple pictures of the boat with only the south wall remaining. My dumpster is now full so I have to have it emptied before we can finish taking the south wall down because we don't have any place to put the material. It's almost done, and then I can get back to getting the boat ready to move.