Boat Yard CXXXVI


     I have gotten quite a bit done in the past two weeks. I finished taking down the building and got it all hauled away. The rain seemed to continue just about every day since I got the plastic off the roof and I had several water leaks that made their way all the way down into the bilges. I couldn't figure out why I had leaks when it dawned on me that I only had the bridge roof and fly bridge sitting on the boat, and not sealed or screwed down and that is where all the water was coming in, around the fly bridge mostly. I had a gray tarp so I stretched over the bridge and fly bridge and I hope I have stopped the leaks. Its been raining almost all afternoon today so I will be able to tell tomorrow if I have solved the problem.

     I got my mast raised and the stays measured so I could order the cable for them. As soon as that comes in I can finish with the mast. Then I think I will hook all my wiring and antenna leads up and check to see that everything is working. I will have to take my computer over to the boat and install it there to check everything out. In the meantime, Linda and I have been loading our belongings into the boat and getting it ready to move. I still don't have a firm date when the movers will pick up the boat, its still either the last week of May or the first week of June. I called the movers today but they haven't called me back yet. There is only one week left until the last week of May and I would really like a little better idea of when I need to have everything ready to take apart for the move.




      Here are a couple pictures of my mast raised on the boat with the forestays and aft stays installed. I temporarily installed the boom just to see if I made it long enough to reach over the side so I could lift my dingy without it hitting the side of the boat. It looks like I guessed about right for the length of the boom.






6-4-14 / 6-5-14

This was supposed to be the day the boat got moved to Ft. Pierce on the coast. The moving company decided they didn't have a truck in the area so they cancelled the move until they could get a truck. They had already scheduled the crane for today, and they called them and canceled the crane but they never bothered to call me and let me know that the date was going to be changed. I was livid and got them on the phone after waiting half the morning for them to show up. They explained to me what had happened and I told them this was not acceptable because I had people flying in from up north and I couldn't ask them to change their flights. I told the movers that my boat would move now as they had promised and I didn't care if they had to rent a truck to do it. I also called the crane company and they agreed to try to get a crane over to Frostproof if the movers could get a truck there. After a long day on the phone back and forth, they finally said they had a truck that they could have there for the move to take place on the 5th. I agreed and the crane company said they would have a crane there by 7:30 in the morning. Then I called Cracker Boy Boat Works in Ft. Pierce to arrange for a crane and the travel lift to unload the truck with and they said they couldn't do it on the 5th because they were booked solid all afternoon with the travel lift. I tried to find another yard I could use to no avail and then I tried to hire another crane company over there to unload the truck with and that didn't work so I called Cracker Boy back and they said if the driver could have the boat there  my 11:00am they would be able to get it unloaded. The big rush to unload was the fact that the driver had to be in Wisconsin by Saturday and on the Canadian boarder by Sunday morning to take another boat into Canada. The driver agreed to try to make it by the deadline. To the far left is a picture of the truck with a 53 foot trailer behind waiting for the crane to show up early on the 5th. To the right is a picture of the crane trying to get into position to lift the boat. As you can see he didn't get very far before he sank into the sugar sand and got really stuck. The center picture is a little closer view of the stuck crane. They jacked it up with the outriggers and put some planking under the wheels and then pulled it out with another truck. The second attempt resulted in the same predicament and they had to pull him out again. They tried a third time and while they didn't get it into the position they wanted, they go it close enough to do the job. All this took most of the morning so there was no way the driver was going to make the 11:00 am deadline.

The first lift they made was the aft section of the fly bridge. The picture to the left shows it coming off the boat. They set the fly bridge section aside and moved the truck that was going to haul it into position and lifted the top of the raised pilot house. They needed the truck and trailer in position because they were going to set the main bridge roof on a platform atop the fifth wheel of the truck. To the far right is a view of the bridge roof being loaded onto the platform over the fifth wheel. Next came the main lift of the boat. This took them about an hour just to rig the sling to lift the boat with. More time was going by than work being done. The driver said they were really doing great, and that most crane outfits would take two days or more to do the same lift. So, although it seemed slow to me, apparently they were moving right along. As you can see in the pictures below, we had quite a crowd watching the Molly B being loaded.







      Here are a couple pictures of the slings and spreader bars they rigged up to lift the boat with. They had to raise the boom on the crane quite a ways to get all the slack out of the slings.