Here are a couple pictures of the boat as they started the lift. This was the part that worried me the most, but everyone on the crane crew seemed to know what they were doing and it went really well. Below is a sequence of pictures showing the loading process. They had to swing the boat around so they could load it stern first on the trailer. Then they loaded the aft section of the fly bridge on the back end of the trailer under the bow of the boat.





     With everything loaded and secured, we head down the road for Fort Pierce. Here are a couple pictures of the trip down the road. 






     We have arrived at Cracker Boy Boat Works in Ft. Pierce in the picture to the left and we are waiting to see if we can get unloaded yet today or if we will have to wait until tomorrow. To the right is a view of the truck and my boat under the travel lift ready to be unloaded. They finished spotting a 72 Ft. yacht a little ahead of schedule so they were able to get us unloaded.