To the left is another view of the travel lift over the truck getting ready to unload. To the right is a view showing the lifting straps all connected and ready to go. 






      To the left, the boat is just off the trailer and to the right the travel lift is headed down the hardstand to spot the boat. This turned out to be quitting time for the yard so they didn't get the boat spotted today.







      To the left is a picture of my brother Steve watching them spot the boat. Once they had it spotted we started working on getting it put back together and the painter Bill started on the bottom paint. To the right is a picture of everybody working on the dingy getting it ready to put up on the boat deck once we had the mast up and the winches rigged. 






      To the left is a picture of the dingy going up onto the boat deck. It took some time to rig the winches and cables so they would work as designed but we finally got them all set up so we could lift the dingy. To the right is a picture of Steve and I on the aft deck with everything back together. You can see the primer coat of bottom paint is on at this point. 






     To the left is a view of the Molly B all ready for the launch. To the right is a picture of the travel lift moving the boat to the launch ramp. 






     To the left is a picture of the boat hanging over the water ready to be launched. To the right is a picture that I have been waiting to see for 11 1/2 years. The Molly B is in the water. She is floating just about where she should with only a slight port list with empty fuel tanks. The launch went great but was not without problems. 





     To the left I'm backing out of the ramp. This is where the first problem made itself very apparent. I had the transmission control cables hooked up backwards so when I had the control levers in the reverse position, I went forward and in the forward position I went back. Just a little confusing to say the least, trying to dock along side the pier at the launch ramp.