Boat Yard XIV




    I've finally gotten out of the rabbit. Here is a picture of the plank coming out of the rabbit. From here on aft, the planking will run over the top of the chine log and be trimmed off. I think one more 3 inch plank will clear the reverse curve of the bow and I can start with the full 6 inch planks.






     My brother Steve came down to see me and of course I had to put him to work on the boat. To the right you can see the first of the full 6 inch planks on the starboard side. It won't take long now.





    Here you can see Steve putting the finishing touches on the last of the 6 inch planks on the starboard side. Just one 4 inch plank left to go on this side. and it will be done!! In the photo to the right you can see what we have left on the port side. It's almost done as well.