Boat Yard XVI



    I got my plywood last Thursday. I got a few sheets ripped into 9 1/2" strips and have started the diagonal planking. The picture to the left is of the first couple of planks on the hull. To the right are a few more planks on going forward. Sure is messy when you have to stand on the planks to hold them down while you fasten them down. There's glue everywhere.





    I've got the whole starboard side done and most of the port side. Here are a couple of pictures of how the diagonal planking is progressing. I've got the starboard side all filled and ready for sanding. I'm going to wait till I have both sides done and then sand them both. Once I get the topsides on I won't have the sheer clamps to stand on anymore so I have to get the bottom completely sanded before I put the topsides on otherwise I will be on my hands and knees sanding. I guess I'll be there anyway after the second layer of planking but I might as well make it as easy as possible at least for the first layer.





        The first layer of bottom planking is all done. Installed, filled, sanded, and ready for the topsides. I've decided to use double diagonal planking for the topsides as well because using full sheets won't reach from chine to sheer between frames 2 & 4 unless I run the sheets vertical there. And that would mean a lot of waste. So, I've started the diagonal planking at the widest part of the hull and will work my way to the stem and the stern from there. Here are a couple of pictures of the first five planks installed on the starboard side. I'm ripping the sheets down to 9 1/2 inch planks the same as I did for the bottom planking. This gives me 5 planks per 4 x 8 sheet of plywood with no waste except for what hangs over each end.