Boat Yard XVII


        Here are a couple of pictures of the topside planking going on. I have completed the first layer on both sides and am ready to start the second layer.  I have had to use temporary backing strips to hold the edges together until the epoxy sets up. Below is a picture of the backing strips covered with wax paper so they won't stick to the hull. They are screwed to the side planks and the screws are removed after the epoxy sets up usually the next day, and the holes are filled.




    To the right is a picture of the first layer all finished and the first plank of the second layer in place. I just tacked it in place to find the widest part of the hull where I will begin the second layer. The second layer is on the starboard side except for the bow planks that will butt with the bottom planks. They will be put on after the second layer of the  bottom planking is finished. The port side is about half planked. 





    Here are a couple of pictures of my engine. I've gotten the head back and installed. I had quite a time getting the valve timing right but I finally got it. Still waiting for the second engine.