Boat Yard XVIII



    Here are a couple of pictures showing the second layer of the bottom planking finished from station seven to the bow on both the port and starboard sides. As you can see the topside planking isn't finished to the bow on either side. Now that I have the bottom planking in I will finish the topsides and butt them to the bottom planking.





    To the left is a view of the bottom planking from above. To the right is a close up of the transition joint. This is the point at which the bottom planks change from lap to butt joint along the chine. I will put another close up in once I get the forward topside planks installed and faired to show the end result of the transition joint.







    The bow planks are on, filled and sanded. The rest of the planking is filled and I'm in the process of sanding down the remainder of the planking. To the left is a view of the port side and to the right is a little closer view.