Boat Yard II

How I made the frames.

    First I trace the full sized pattern onto the stock and cut out the pieces. Then I match the pieces so that I'm sure both are exactly the same. Next I place the full sized pattern onto the frame table and line up the centerline on the frame table with the centerline of the patterns.  I secure the pattern to the frame table and locate the Center line Point, Chine Point, and the Sheer Point. I drive a small paneling nail with the heads cut off into each point to locate them on the frame table. I flip the pattern over and do the same thing for the other half of the frame.




      I have the Points marked on the pieces that I cut out from the pattern and I just line the points on the pieces up with the locator pins on the table and the frame is all lined up. 



    Next I cut out the gussets and floor timbers and fit them to the frame.







    Next I make the filler blocks and it's all ready to glue together. I put wax paper under the frame joints so it won't get glued down to the frame table. Once the glue sets, I move the frame to the building form and start on another one. It's a pretty simple procedure but the angles have to match and you have to keep checking the alignment as you put the whole thing together. Once you get it all lined up you can screw the frame pieces down to the frame table to make sure they don't move until the glue sets.