Boat Yard XX



    My boat building is back up. My brother Steve, my son Jason and my son in law Rob all came down to help clean up the mess and put the building back together. They did all that in two days. All I could do is sit and watch with my broken foot. Now we just have to get the roof back on and close up the ends and I will be back in business.






    Steve got the new roof on and finally my boat is out of the sun and rain. Just a few more days and we should have it all closed in again. Then I just have to wait till my broken foot heals up and I can get back to work on the Molly B.




9-2-04                   Hrricane Francis Hits the Boatyard!

      My boat building is all put back together. Now I just have to put some windows in it to let some air in there so I can work. It's pretty hot down here in the summer time and there isn't any ventilation through the building at all now. I closed it all up when Hurricane Francis blew through and it held up just fine so I know it will take at least 80 mph winds.




9-25-04                    Hurricane Jeanne Claims my new Roof!

    Nobody would believe it but another Hurricane called Jeanne just came roaring through this weekend. The eye passed right over the top of us again. To the left is a picture of my brand new roof, torn off the building and to the right is a picture of around six inches of water inside the building. My workshop tent was totally destroyed so I think I will just move my work benches into the boat building and forget about replacing the workshop tent.