Boat Yard XXI



    I've  spent the past week cleaning up after Jeanne. To the left is a picture of my workshop tables moved into the boat building and to the right is a view of where my workshop once stood. I just have a little more cleaning up to do and I will be ready to replace the boat building roof again. I sure hope this is the end of the Hurricanes. I really would like to get back to work on the boat!





    It's been a struggle, but I finally got the new roof on the boat building and have started working on the boat again. To the right is a picture of the stem caps first layer. I'm using four layers of 3/8" Douglas Fir for the stem cap. I've also gotten a couple of layers of the deadwood skeg fit and ready to glue.







    To the left you can see the stem cap tapering into the deadwood. To the right is a picture of the deadwood as it ends at the transom.







    Engine up date. I got the marine conversion parts for my Perkins  engines and have them pretty much put together. Here are a couple of views of the Bowman which includes the wet exhaust and exhaust elbow, heat exchanger and the header tank all in one unit. Pretty neat little unit although a little on the expensive side. I just need starters, generators, and raw water pumps yet.