Boat Yard XXII



    The deadwood is coming along pretty well. I've only got a few more layers to put on and it will be done. Here are a couple of pictures of where I am right now. Next I have to install the 3/4" threaded rods through the deadwood into the floor timbers before I put the final cap on the deadwood, and then comes fairing, filling and sanding. I always love that part of the job!






    Here are a couple of pictures that show how I joined the stem cap with the cap on the deadwood. The deadwood cap is a 2 x 6 cut down to the proper width and tapered to match the deadwood and stem cap. I notched it to join the two layers of the stem cap and cut 45's on each step of the joint.





    Today I finished the deadwood. I just have to put the cap on and I'm ready to add the fillets. I got it all faired and sanded already so it's ready for filling.

    My engines are nearing completion. To the right is a picture of the generator mounting bracket. I purchased them and they wouldn't work on my engines so I had to remanufacture them to make them work.





    I also had to make the belt tensioning arm go around the hose from the oil cooler. Here are a couple views of how it fits. Worked out pretty well, but took a few days to get all the bends figured out. I also reinforced the bends to keep the arm from flexing from the tension on the belt. Seems to be plenty stiff but will have to run the engines to be sure.