Boat Yard XXIII



    The deadwood is finished. To the left the hull is sanded and sealed. To the right the hull is  filled, ready for the fabric. I'll be using Xynole Polyester fabric instead of fiberglass because it's stronger, lighter and easier to wet out than fiberglass. 4.5 oz. polyester is equivalent to about 10 oz. fiberglass.





    To the left the fabric is laid out and ready for epoxy on the deadwood and the bottom sections. To the right the fabric has been wet out. The weather is turning a little cold so it's taking more time for the epoxy to set up to a tack free state for sanding which is next and then the topside pieces go on.





    I got the port topside piece of fabric put on yesterday (left), and the starboard side piece put on today (right).  The fabric went on fairly quickly except that it's such a large hull that it's really more than one person can handle alone. You definitely need help as it takes a long time to roll on the epoxy and wet out the fabric especially if you have to do the mixing also.





    The filler coats of epoxy are going well. My helper Rich and I have two coats on and the fabric is almost filled. It's beginning to shine now. Maybe one more or possibly two more coats should completely fill the fabric. It started out taking over 3 gallons of epoxy for the first coat with each successive coat taking a little less.