Boat Yard XXIV



    Getting closer to turning the hull over I've been working on my gin pole bracket. To the left is a picture of the bracket. This will bolt onto the top of the gin pole and provide a purchase for the chain fall to lift the boat with. To the right you can see the bracket mounted on the end of the gin pole. Also been doing the glazing on the hull. Got everything pretty well filled in and she looks good. Sanding is next.





    The hull is all glazed and sanded finally. I decided to put the gin pole up before I started painting so I wouldn't mess up the paint putting it up later. To the left is a picture of the pole leaning against the hull ready to be set up. To the right the pole is set in the ground and the guy wires are attached. She's all ready to turn the hull. My only concern is that it might not be high enough. But it's as high as I could make it without cutting a hole in the roof.




    To the left is a picture of the first coat of primer on the hull. Had a little trouble learning how to use the HVLP spray system I bought but it's going well now. The key to success seems to be the viscosity of the paint and the amount of paint coming out of the gun. Once you get those two factors under control it works great. To the right is a picture of the hull with three coats of primer. One or two more coats to go before I sand the whole thing and put the topside paint on.



        To the left you can see the start of one of my square turning wheels which I will use to turn the hull over. I decided to start them while I let the paint dry another day. Once dry, I  sanded the topsides and marked my waterline with a water level that I put together using some 1/4 inch ID tubing and a milk carton. You can see my water level in the picture to the right. I added some red food coloring to the water to make it easier to see against the white hull. It really worked well and I'm ready to tape the boot top and put the finish paint on the topsides.