Boat Yard XXV



    To the Left, with the water line all marked, I taped some plastic over the bottom of the hull at the waterline to keep the over spray off the bottom.  To the Right is a picture of  the first coat of the topside paint.  It looks like it will take about three coats to get a real nice finish but the first coat looks pretty good already.




    To the left is a picture of one of my engines that I got off the stand and put the flywheel housing onto. I don't know how I'm going to get that flywheel on though. It's really heavy.

    Today I finished the topside paint and the boot top stripe. It's looking pretty good so far. To the right is a picture of the boot top stripe.




        The hull is painted except for one more coat of primer on the bottom. To the left is a picture of the completed paint job.


        With the painting finally done, I started installing my turning wheels. I have them almost completed. The picture to the right shows where I'm at so far. I just have to make the support brackets for the forward wheel and they will be done.




    I finished the square turning wheels today. To the left is a picture of them from above the hull. I also built the lifting eye which is shown to the right. The hull is now off the building form and is supported by the turning wheels. Next I have to tear down the building form and we're ready to attempt the hull turning.