Boat Yard XXVII



    The hull is turned over and I've got it all leveled and blocked. Here are a couple of pictures of the blocking and cribbing I used to hold the hull while I complete the inside construction. The picture on the right is the port side of the hull and shows the beginning of my stairs up to the top of the topsides. I didn't want to climb up and down ladders every time I needed to get in or out of the boat so I decided to build some steps.





    Now I'm ready to start on the inside. To the left is a view of my steps to the inside of the hull. I hope this will make it a lot easier to get in and out of the boat while I work on the interior. To the right is a picture of the inside of the hull from the landing of my stairs. There is a lot of cleaning up to do in here before I can get started on the interior.






    Here are a couple of views of the  interior all sanded and ready for filling. It's hard to see much because everything has a quarter inch of sanding dust on it. I really love sanding! I think I've spent three months doing nothing but sanding so far on this project. But, that's what makes a nice looking job. I'll have to sand the whole thing again after I get it all filled.





    The inside is all cleaned up and sealed with a couple coats of epoxy. The epoxy gives the wood a varnished look which is really beautiful. It's too bad I have to paint it but it needs the UV protection and a lighter color will allow me to keep the bilges cleaner.