Boat Yard XXVIII



      I've got a pretty good start on the deck beams and carlings at the bow of the boat. You really have to brush up on your compound angle cutting. There isn't a straight joint in the whole boat and this bow area really seems to be nothing but angles. It's challenging to say the least. I also have the partial bulkheads cut and fit. The picture to the right shows the starboard bulkhead clamped in place.





    To the left is a picture of the forward deck beams all fit and ready for gluing. You can also see the carlings for the trunk cabin are installed and ready for gluing. To the right you can see the bulkheads clamped in place, and the floor timbers installed for the forward stateroom sole.






    To the left is a closer view of the  floor timbers. The cabin sole will go on next. To the right is a view of the cabin sole installed over the floors.





     To the left is a photo of the bulkhead at station 0 installed and the deck for the chain locker. You can also see the deck beam at station 1 is also installed. To the right you can see the partial bulkheads for the stateroom are all installed. I used two 1 - 1/2 inch wide strips of 3/4 inch plywood for the blocking to hold the bulkheads to the bottom and topsides of the hull. That worked out really well as I could just bend each layer of the plywood to match the curve of the bottom and topsides instead of trying to cut and fit a piece of solid stock to fit the curve.